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Eyebrows are easily forgotten by everyone, but keeping them groomed can change the way you look and make you look younger. “If eyes are the window to your soul then your eye brows are the window frame”. With beautiful perfect arches, your brows can help accentuate your eyes and bring out your natural beauty. But keep in mind that two eyebrows can never be identical. Our eyebrows are sisters, not twins. So don’t try to make them identical as you will end up having nothing. In order to maintain perfectly shaped brows, it is important that you get your eyebrows done professionally at least once a month.

Eyebrow threading can help you get the perfect shape by creating an arch to suit your face. Threading is a very ancient technique of hair removal which has its origin from the Indian subcontinent. It involves the use if a pure cotton thread, which is manipulated by twisting the thread and then rolling over areas of unwanted hair to remove it at the follicle level. Threading can be used to remove unwanted facial hair. It will not only make your skin cleaner and smoother, but it will also reduce the hair growth over time.Threading has many advantages compared to waxing, the reason why it is now becoming popular all over the world. The benefits of threading include:

  •         100 % natural and hygienic.
  •          No chemicals are used
  •          Creates perfect arches to suit each individual face.
  •          Gentle on the skin.
  •          Suitable for all skin types , including sensitive skin.
  •          Reduces the risk of ingrown hair.

Eyebrow threading is relatively painless when professionally done by an expert. It is a much better option than eyebrow waxing as it is extremely precise, and only takes 15 minutes at most to achieve perfection.

Anjali Brow Studio is the perfect place for your threading needs. We specialise in eyebrow threading, tinting as well as eyelash extensions and perming. At Anjali Brow Studio, you are assured that you will receive the highest standard of service by our very friendly team of therapists. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced therapists who have more than ten years’ experience in threading. All our therapists are trained by Anjali herself, to meet the exceptional standards of our studio and can create the perfect arch to suit each individual face.

Our aim is to provide luxury services to all our customers at affordable prices without compromising on quality and customer service. We provide a 100 % hygienic environment to our customers unlike other salons with poor hygiene. We also sell our own range of brow products which are made in Australia. All our products are tested to the strictest standards to ensure quality.

Anjali Brow Studio first opened its doors in 2014 at Westfield Marion,Adelaide. We are the first threading company in South Australia to provide threading services in a shop. While most other places does it in markets and kiosks, we felt the need to have more privacy and provide luxury at the same time. All our studios are conveniently located inside shopping centres, with beautiful fitouts that will give you the best threading experience. Anjali Brow Studio now has 8 locations across various states of Australia.

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Anjali Brow Studio is perfect for eyebrow threading Marion, Adelaide. Get your eyebrow threading Marion, Adelaide – it is the best place around. Eyebrow threading Marion, Adelaide gives you precise eyebrows that last for weeks and is relatively pain free. Eyebrow threading Marion, Adelaide is also a way better option than waxing as it eliminates the risk of ingrown hairs, is relatively pain free, only takes at most 15 minutes and provides exact precision and arch. Eyebrow threading Marion, Adelaide will give you the perfect arch – let your eyebrows be the best they can be!